TCT Asia 2021 Recap

26th – 28th May, in Shanghai, Polymaker attended TCT Asia 2021, exhibiting a full portfolio of products and various new applications.


Polymaker booth was divided into 5 parts: PolyTerra™ PLA gaming zone, product portfolio presentation table, new applications area, PolyCore™ introduction, and 28mm game set display.


PolyTerra PLA Gaming Zone

PolyTerra™ PLA gaming zone was very popular. Visitors loved to play and interact with the Cube Puzzles (designed by brandonforty2), Pentomino, Tippi Tree  (designed by Devin Montes), and NT Toys (designed by Nicolas Tokotuu), which were all printed with Polymaker PolyTerra™ PLA.

Visitors were able to better see and feel the unique matte surface finish of PolyTerra™ PLA and learn more about how the product recycled cardboard packaging helps avoid plastic waste and helps the planet by having a negative carbon footprint.

Polymaker has already planted 17,817 trees for our planet in the 1st quarter of 2021 and is planning to double this number in the second quarter.


Product portfolio presentation table

Polymaker exhibits a full portfolio of products including 25 different types of filaments and 2 hardware (Polysher™ & PolyBox™). PolyTerra™ PLA, PolyMide™ PA12-CF, Polymaker™ PC-r as well as the new PolyLite™ ASA colors are newly launched products in 2021.


Polymaker new applications area

Polymaker exhibited 4 applications in this area including automotive grille, motorcycle wheel, art lamp, and orthotics.

The automotive grille was printed by our partner HUARONG PRINTING with PolyLite™ ABS.


The art lamp was designed by the artist Zihan Zhao with Polymaker PLA product.


The motorcycle wheel was printed by IEMAI with Polymaker™ PC-ABS.


The orthotics was designed and printed by BLACK FLAME MEDICAL with Polymaker TPU material.



PolyCore area

Polymaker has developed new PolyCore™ pellet products designed for large-scale 3D printing used in different industries such as construction and home furniture.


28mm game set display

We exhibited a new set of gaming buildings which is designed by  Infinite Dimensions.

It took around 400 hours to print the whole set with PolySmooth™.


Thanks for the support from all our partners and visitors. We also appreciate your attention to our social media posts and YouTube live-stream.

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