Polymaker Launches New High-Speed 3D Printing Filament - PolySonic™ PLA & PLA Pro

On the path of “Simplify Creation”, Polymaker has consistently refused to compromise and has pushed forward with creativity. Today, Polymaker launched a brand-new family of 3D printing filaments dedicated to high-speed 3D printing. This move aims to drive the industry forward by increasing the productivity of 3D printers, allowing a higher volume of parts per hour without compromising on printing characteristics or the mechanical strength of the printed part.

“The latest generation of 3D printers have set a new benchmark for fast printing. But materials are still the missing link. PolySonic™ is Polymaker’s answer to the new era of high-speed FFF Printing.” – Dr. Xiaofan Luo – Founder of Polymaker

Three Crucial Aspects to Define High-Speed Filament:

Extrusion - PolySonic™ PLA filaments exhibit a wider extrusion window when compared to regular PLA filaments, producing a 30% increase in flow rate at the same printing temperatures when compared to regular PLA filaments. This boost in extrusion efficiency allows users to build profiles with higher printing speeds before noticing the effects of under-extrusion on the printed part.

Forming - Polymaker scientists have optimized the rheology of the PolySonic™ so that it can transition from fluid to solid with near-zero shrinkage. This produces crisp corners, fine details and steep overhangs while still extruding at high flow rates. Moreover, it significantly enhances actual printing productivity compared to regular PLA, increasing production efficiency by up to 150%.

Mechanical Properties - PolySonic™ PLA shows only a 6% drop in mechanical properties when printing at high speed compared to the classic test specimen. In contrast, PolyLite™ PLA (regular PLA) witnesses a 24% drop when the speed is increased. This final factor allows PolySonic™ to print both fast and functional which has been the previous limitation to high-speed 3D printing. Users can increase the productivity of their machines without compromising on part strength or print quality.

Two Types of Filaments to Meet Different Needs

PolySonic™ PLA, a revolutionary high-speed 3D printing filament, comfortably build printing profiles over 300mm/s with superior print characteristics. Its fast extrusion rate, high precision, and excellent interlayer adhesion greatly enhance 3D printing speed, providing users with a new and exciting experience! While accelerating printing efficiency, it also preserves its inherent mechanical performance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including functional prototyping, artistic creations, and production of end-use products. Initially available in 5 colors, it allows your colorful creativity to come to life!

PolySonic™ PLA Pro is an improved toughness PLA compounded with impact modifiers that produce ductility similar to ABS and stiffness outperforming ASA & PETG. Its superior toughness and mechanical properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including creating finer functional prototypes, producing more durable end-use parts, and providing the necessary engineering components for industries such as automotive and consumer goods. It is an ideal choice for rapidly producing functional parts!

Overall, PolySonic™ is a new type of printing consumable that fully leverages printer efficiency without sacrificing the quality of 3D printed products. Whether you're a hobbyist, engineer, or designer, PolySonic™ PLA will bring your ideas to life faster and better than ever before. Unleash the speed of innovation and join the 3D printing revolution with PolySonic™ PLA.

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