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Our focus on innovation ensures we deliver the highest quality 3D printing materials to our customers. We back this up with excellent support services and technical help to enable you to print your parts with ease.

Simplify Creation

At Polymaker, we are committed to simplifying the creation process for everyone, from hobbyists to professionals. Our mission is to make 3D printing more accessible, user-friendly, and efficient by offering high-quality materials and hardware. We strive to develop innovative technologies that push the boundaries of 3D printing and enable users to bring their ideas to life with ease. Through our products, technical support, and educational resources, we aim to empower creators around the world to achieve their goals and unleash their creativity.


We believe that 3D printing is the best use of plastics in today’s society. Our vision is a future where additive plays a large part in the creation of consumer goods, localizing manufacturing and cutting transportation emissions. Our connectivity has the power to digitally spread files around the world, allowing one 3D printer to create an endless opportunity of ideas.

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Milestones in Polymaker’s History

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Key Technologies Developed by Polymaker

Polymaker has developed a number of cutting-edge technologies for 3D printing filament

Production Quality Stability
• Jam-Free™
• Nano-Reinforcement™
• Layer-Free™
• Stabilized foaming™
• Ash Free™
• Warp Free™
• Fiber Adhension™
Jam-Free™ technology improves the heat stability of Polymaker’s PLA filaments with softening temperatures over 140 °C. As a result, Polymaker’s PLA filaments show minimal softening in the “cold end” and can melt rapidly once entering the heating zone, leading to excellent printing quality with zero risk of nozzle jams.
Nano-reinforcement™ technology is applied to produce filaments with excellent mechanical properties and printing quality. It dramatically improves the toughness of the material by increasing its impact resistance.
Layer-Free™ technology involves exposing a 3D printed part to an aerosol of micro-sized alcohol droplets, generated by a rapidly vibrating, perforated membrane called the nebulizer. The aerosol will then be adsorbed by the surface of the 3D printed part rendering it smooth and layer-free.
Stabilized foaming™
Stabilized Foaming™ technology is used to produce foamed filaments, whose foam structure can survive the printing process and be inherited by the printed parts. This enables light weight 3D printed parts with unprecedented surface finish.
Ash Free™
Ash-Free™ technology allows Polymaker’s filament which has been designed for investment casting to burn off cleanly without any residue, enabling defect-free metal parts. 3D printing has been used to produce investment casting patterns as it cuts down both the cost and lead time for small-volume production runs.
Warp Free™
Warp-Free™ technology enables the production of Nylon-based filaments that can be 3D printed with excellent dimensional stability and near-zero warpage. This is achieved by the fine control of micro-structure and crystallization behavior of Nylon, which enables the material to fully release the internal stress before solidification.
Fiber Adhension™
Fiber Adhesion™ technology improves the layer adhesion of fiber reinforced materials, by optimizing the surface chemistry of the fibers to achieve better dispersion and bonding to the matrix. This results in better strength along the Z-axis and reduced mechanical anisotropy.

About Polymaker Industrial

Polymaker Industrial is a series of engineering grade material solutions developed for the industrial 3D printing sector. Offering full customization of polymer compounds, Polymaker’s R&D scientists can tailor material characteristics to match your applications. Polymaker Industrial has an ever-growing portfolio of materials which enables customers to respond quickly to market needs. This includes offering small batch customized production and high-quality material solutions for high-temperature applications, flame retardancy, bio-compatibility, ESD and investment casting & moldings.

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