Introducing the Enchanting 2023 Polymaker Christmas Bundle!

Christmas is coming, Polymaker is delighted to unveil our 2023 Christmas Limited Bundle. It is designed to ignite the holiday spirit and bring your Christmas creations to life.

This exclusive bundle features three exquisite filaments, each with its own unique characteristics, and is adorned with a festive "Merry Christmas" packaging that captures the joyful essence of the season. Each filament spool in the Christmas Bundle features a unique 2023 label, signifying its exclusivity as this year's Polymaker Christmas edition.

Let's explore the captivating features of our Christmas Bundle:

  1. Champagne Gold: Step into a world of elegance with this filament. This filament offers a silk-like texture, reminiscent of shimmering holiday lights. Its sheen appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your Christmas-themed prints, making them truly stand out.
  2. Comet's Extravagance Green: Unleash your creativity with Comet's Extravagance Green filament. This filament, with mesmerizing color-changing effect, referring the fact that stars appear in different colors and brightness when viewed from different angles, creates a captivating visual spectacle.
  3. Santa's Velvet Red: Experience the warmth and coziness of the holiday season with this filament. This rich and vibrant red filament exudes a silk texture that adds depth and dimension to your Christmas-inspired designs. It perfectly captures the essence of Santa's iconic suit.

But that's not all! As a special treat, simply scan the QR code on the paper spool label, and discover the secret Christmas gift that Polymaker has prepared just for you.

At Polymaker, we believe the combination of the Champagne Gold, Comet's Extravagance Green, and Santa's Velvet Red filaments will bring your Christmas prints to life, capturing the spirit of the season in every intricate detail.

Please click the below purchase links to get them~

US Web Store: Seasonal Packs ( Polymaker PLA Filament 1.75mm Limited Edition 2023 Christmas Bundle, 3x1kg Silk PLA 3D Printer Filament, Print Some Christmas Gifts and Decorations (Velvet Red, Comet’s Green, Champagne Gold) : Industrial & Scientific

Reseller: Find a Reseller - Polymaker

Please note that the Christmas Bundle is available in limited quantities, adding an air of exclusivity to this special collection. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your Christmas creations with our enchanting filaments and make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

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