Ethentic and Polymaker partner to reduce environmental impact of 3D-printed NFTs

Ethentic and Polymaker are proud to announce their partnership today.

Ethentic will exclusively use Polymaker’s PolyTerra filament for the premiering run of its 3D-printed collectibles. Generative artpieces will be created with an algorithm inspired by the Giant’s Causeway UNESCO site in Northern Ireland, and printed in beautiful pastel colors.

NFTs, Physicals and Climate Impact

Over the last year or so NFTs have exploded in popularity, with celebrities and prominent collectors of all stripes purchasing over $2.5 billion of these tokens in the first half of 2021 alone.

The popular adoption of this new technology has prompted some to discuss the ethics of this trend, specifically with regard to its impact on climate change through carbon emissions indirectly emitted through blockchain mining.

Given Ethentic’s goal to distribute free 3D prints of every generative art piece on their platform, it is doubly important for the project to monitor its environmental impact. That is why, among other carbon offsetting goals, Ethentic chose to partner with Polymaker and exclusively use their PolyTerra bioplastic filament.

PolyTerra is leading the pack in terms of compostability of PLA filaments, meaning Ethentic prints will inherit this environmentally friendly quality as they are created. Furthermore, Polymaker’s partnership with OneTreePlanted results in one new tree being planted per spool of filament, with over 130,000 trees planted to date. The breakdown of this carbon negativity is detailed here.

The Genesis Collection

The genesis collection on Ethentic - The Causeways - consists of 2500 pieces. Each owner of an Ethentic art piece gets membership benefits as the community grows, including but not limited to: exclusive minting opportunities, automatic whitelisting, and insider access to future products developed by the team.

Check out the Ethentic Twitter and Discord chat for information on how to participate in the upcoming sale, and join us as a founding member of the Web3D initiative.

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