[TCT Asia] Notification

【TCT Asia】2019 will be held during 21st – 23rd February at SNIEC (Shanghai New International Expo Centre), Shanghai, China. Serving as Polymaker's "Home" show, they have booked their biggest ever booth, with 3D printed vehicles, a huge range of 3D printed models and even parts of the booth itself are 3D printed! Polymaker will be exhibiting 7 product families, case studies collected from Polymaker's global customers and some of the new products that will be launched in 2019.

Welcome to visit Polymaker's booth. The team is ready to introduce products, technologies, case studies and answer your questions.


7 Product Families

Polymaker classifies its existing filaments and hardware into 7 product families: PolyLite™,PolyMax™,PolyMide™,PolyDissolve™,PolyFlex™,Specialty and Hardware. The family concept is helpful for customers to easily select the most suitable materials and helps categorize filaments with room for expansion.


7 Case Studies

Polymaker has been involved with 7 fantastic case studies on display at TCT Asia. Each of them can represent a unique application in 3D printing, featuring the manufacture of an Eco-car, Automobile modification, the design & manufacturing of a UVA, large-scale 3D printing applications, Aerospace, and Gaming.

Polymaker has invited their large scale 3D printing partner Coin-Robotics to join the exhibition. Coin-Robotics successfully 3D printed the first plastic pedestrian footbridge for Shanghai Construction Group at the beginning of this year.

Tongji Zeal Eco-Power team will also be on the Polymaker booth with their famous Eco-car which is manufactured using Polymaker Nylon and TPU.


6 Technologies

What sets Polymaker apart from their competitors? In house technologies. Polymaker now has 6 technologies: Jam-Free™, Warp-Free™, Layer-Free™, Ash-Free™, Nano-reinforcement, and Stabilized Foaming™.

6 New Products

Polymaker will exhibit 6 new products: PolyMax™ PETG, PolyDissolve™ S1, PolyLite™ ASA, PolySmooth™ 5 new colors, N600CF20(Carbon fiber reinforced nylon 6), and N600GF25(Glass fiber reinforced nylon 6).


Polymaker team is looking forward to seeing you there!

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