Polymaker 3D Printed Hook Tournament Is Getting Started

Firstly, we want to thank all the participants who printed hooks and entered the Polymaker hook tournament. The participants will compete for amazing prizes.

By the closing date, we received 180 3D printed hooks, which are currently en-route to our headquarters ready for battle! Once all the hooks have been received we will audit them to see if they comply with all the rules and announce all participants who qualify.

We have been amazed by the creativity and engineering skills of our contestants, we believe it's going to be a very fierce battle. The design styles can be categorized into more than 6 design categories. Which will be the strongest? Let’s wait and see….

On the 15th October, we will perform a random draw to select who will compete against who and announce the disqualifications. This information will be shared through a video on our YouTube channel.

We will also post the Battle Brackets (all hook that will participate and who they will go against) on Polymaker Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

All hook battles will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel where participants can watch their hooks progress. We will present from the qualifiers, the 64th, all the way to the final.

All dates and content will be updated on our social media, stay tuned!

There will be more events link to the hook tournament so don’t forget to follow us on our social media so you don’t miss out.

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