Polymaker's Magical Showcase at the Sanjay Mortimer RepRap Festival 2023

In the heart of Oxford this December, Polymaker joined the vibrant and innovative atmosphere of the inaugural Sanjay Mortimer RepRap Festival (SMRRF) at Oxford University's Examination Halls. This event, celebrating the pioneering spirit of the late Sanjay Mortimer, brought together the crème de la crème of the 3D printing world, including industry luminaries like James Bruton (@jamesbruton), Matt Denton (@MattDenton), and Joel Telling (@3DPrintingNerd), along with over 50 sponsors and more than a thousand attendees.

Polymaker was excited to present our interactive NFC setup, designed to fully showcase our comprehensive product portfolio and foster engaging interactions with attendees. This feature served as more than just a display; it was an immersive way for visitors to explore the breadth and depth of our offerings in 3D printing. By creating this interactive experience, we not only highlighted our commitment to innovation but also opened up dynamic dialogues and shared excitement with the crowd.

A magical highlight of our exhibit was the enchanting Christmas castle snow globe, designed by the talented @pozzonifulvio and expertly printed by @maisonlumiere_3d. This extraordinary creation immersed visitors in a captivating winter fairy tale, complete with a swirling blizzard that enveloped the castle in a whimsical snowscape. It was a demonstration of how imagination and 3D printing prowess can combine to bring such a fantastical scene to life.

The SMRRF 2023 was an event that transcended a typical exhibition. It was a convergence of individuals united by a passion for 3D printing, offering a platform for novices and experts alike. The presence of VIP speakers, including Adrian Bowyer MBE, the founder of the RepRap movement, added a layer of depth and insight, enriching the experience for all.

The festival also served as a heartfelt tribute to Sanjay Mortimer's legacy. Known for his groundbreaking contributions and unique approach to life, especially in addressing ADHD, Sanjay's story continues to inspire. The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation, established in his honor, aims to empower individuals with neurodivergent minds through the world of engineering and making, a mission that resonates deeply with the ethos of the 3D printing community.

For Polymaker, participating in SMRRF 2023 was an opportunity not only to showcase our latest innovations but also to connect with our community and industry leaders. Engaging with our partners, especially those we regularly interact with on Discord, added a personal dimension to our experience.

Reflecting on the event, we are inspired by the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and the enduring impact of pioneers like Sanjay Mortimer. As we move forward, Polymaker remains committed to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing, fueled by the passion and innovation that were so palpable at SMRRF 2023.

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