Polymaker Rapid Show Recap 2022

Rapid TCT, the largest and most influential Additive Manufacturing event in North America held in Detroit, MI, from May 17-19, 2022. During the exhibition, cutting-edge 3D technologies, hands-on exhibits, and real-world additive manufacturing solutions are showcased by thousands of advanced industry manufacturers, Polymaker is one of them.

About Polymaker

Polymaker is a developer and manufacturer of 3D printing materials committed to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Its award-winning product portfolio has enabled numerous individuals and companies to better create and make. Headquartered in Changshu, China, Polymaker has multiple office locations in Shanghai, Utrecht, and Houston ready to serve customers across the globe.

The renowned exhibition sites

Detroit, MI, famously known as Motor City and the hub for automotive research & development with the 'big three' US car manufacturers headquartered there. Symbolizes the manufacturing trend, this city is the landmark of old and new industry progressions.

For Polymaker it was the flagship show in the North America regions with a 10ft x 20ft booth displaying the latest advancements in extrusion-based technology for the 3D printing industry.

Take a tour of the booth

  • Global Sites

What meet the eye first was the exhibition background wall that displayed perfect winding filament products with fully recycled cardboard spools. At the left part of the wall, the image of four regional offices unfolded Polymaker’s marketing road. Shanghai, Suzhou, Utrecht, and Houston, this 3D printing material provider has established footprint in three continents and offer international services to meet demands from all corners of the world.

  • Perfect winding spool wall

The spool wall at the back of the booth displayed the full range of Polymaker filaments all perfectly wound on recycled cardboard spools.

  • 3D-printed Violins

At the front of the booth sat four 3D-printed violins created by the talented designer and musician David Perry from OpenFab PDX. The four brightly colored violins attracted many budding musicians who took turns picking, tuning, and playing the printed instruments throughout the show.

As a showpiece model front and center in the booth, the violin itself is the collection of Polymaker’s full range of PLA products with PolyTerra™ PLA, PolyTerra™ PLA+, PolyLite™ PLA, PolyLite™ PLA Pro & PolyMax™ PLA all being featured in the different parts of the instrument.

  • 3D-printed chair

A PolyCore™ ASA-3012 printed chair showed off the pellet opportunities that Polymaker offers in the PolyCore™ Range.

  • Visitors playing penguin peril

Visitors are enjoying a game of Penguin Peril on the interactive PolyTerra™ PLA table at the front of the booth.

The show offers a delightful time for visitors to get into deeper touch with Polymaker product portfolios, through those distinctive and practical utility shown cases, Polymaker has grown to be one of the most reliable material options for 3D printing market newcomers.

In recent years, Polymaker continues to lead the way in the material sector as the only dedicated, non-chemical giant supplier, still representing regularly at trade shows. This positioning further cements the core values at the heart of Polymaker, which have driven the company to its current status as a market leader in additive materials.

Thanks for the support from all our partners and visitors.

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