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Couldn't help myself 😅, brought the @ff3dprinters Creator 3 home for some long weekend printing. Getting some great results with @Polymaker_3D PolyMax PETG #3dprinting #filament #EasterWeekend2019

@yesIMADE3D @Polymaker_3D @thingiverse printed a cute movable octopus on my JellyBOX 2. It was printed in #polysmooth

Me and my 3D printer are really gonna make my whole damn house looks like a coffee shop.
#3dprinting @Polymaker_3D @Cetus3D

Beautiful dolphins printed in PolySmooth™ on the Mass Portal 🐬💦

#3dprinting #PolySmooth #MassPortal #Dolphin

The @Polymaker_3D Polysupport is super nice for printing smaller parts that are prone to warpage or adhesion problems otherwise. Great surface finish! Beats the pants off PVA.

The folks at #Precision3DPrintingandDesign designed and printed a validation fixture for a client to help them detect if variations in the vendor supplied vehicle bodies are within tolerance. It worked great and was super simple! #3Dprinted on their gMax 1.5 XT+ w/ PolyMax PLA.

Man I love being able to knock up a quick bit of #Practicalprinting to fix things around the house.
I printed this in some @Polymaker_3D Polymax for a bit more strength

New video where I compare 4 different nylon materials, including this crazy strong PolyMide CoPA by @Polymaker_3D
Watch Here:
(sound on as proof I'm trying hard haha)

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