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2 days ago
@DDXdesign When totally dry, the part will be "slick" smooth, you can join our FB group for more information and also to check other work from people using PolySmooth™
2 days ago
@DDXdesign The parts will need to dry completely to get back their hardness, the drying time highly depend on the environment humidity and temperature, usually with a fan blowing on it for 48h you will get 90% of the harness back.
2 days ago
@DDXdesign Hi, not sure if I understood well the question but except for very thin walls the PolySmooth™ part will not deform during the polishing process. The dimensions will slightly change depending on the polishing time, geometry, ...
Overall the extra step wont change the overall work
3 days ago
@DDXdesign Very beautiful print! The layers actually give the model a very unique and beautiful look in this case.
3 days ago
On a whim, I decided to try out Polysmooth filament and a Polysher from @Polymaker_3D - Just did a little sample file heart charm for now. PLA on the left, Polysmooth (PVB) on the right, before using the Polysher. Note the Poly has a satin, less-black look right out of the gate. Polymaker_3D photo
3 days ago
Boom, baby! I think that's one of my fastest "from design to reality" iterations ever. (art pieces are so much easier than mechanical designs 🤠) Printed in @Polymaker_3D PC-Max, because polycarbonate sands _really_ nicely. (to get rid of those little goobers) Polymaker_3D photo