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2 hours ago
@DDXdesign Hi, not sure if I understood well the question but except for very thin walls the PolySmooth™ part will not deform during the polishing process. The dimensions will slightly change depending on the polishing time, geometry, ...
Overall the extra step wont change the overall work
17 hours ago
@DDXdesign Very beautiful print! The layers actually give the model a very unique and beautiful look in this case.
17 hours ago
On a whim, I decided to try out Polysmooth filament and a Polysher from @Polymaker_3D - Just did a little sample file heart charm for now. PLA on the left, Polysmooth (PVB) on the right, before using the Polysher. Note the Poly has a satin, less-black look right out of the gate. Polymaker_3D photo
17 hours ago
Boom, baby! I think that's one of my fastest "from design to reality" iterations ever. (art pieces are so much easier than mechanical designs 🤠) Printed in @Polymaker_3D PC-Max, because polycarbonate sands _really_ nicely. (to get rid of those little goobers) Polymaker_3D photo
2 days ago
Creating #3dprinted leveling feet for our worktables. If you haven't tried flexible filament, it's awesome! Good Polyflex product from @Polymaker_3D Strength to flexibility ratio is perfect for this application. Polymaker_3D photo
3 days ago
@Asphaltever Additionally, if your nozzle can reach 260˚C, you can also check our PolyMide™ CoPA which is a nylon base material using our Warp-Free™ technology so you wont need an enclosed printer.