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This @Polymaker_3D Beige Polysmooth filament spool has so many checks just even before printing

- Sweet pistachio pastel color ✅
- Reusable zip bag! ✅
- And their sweet material left ruler on the spool

Will add print photos to this post

Interested in post-processing your 3D prints? Meet PolySmooth™ by @polymaker_3d
Achieve a smooth and glossy 3D print by polishing in the Polysher™. #3DPrinting #PolySmooth #Filament

@Polymaker_3D @mrhodes @BFLangdon PolySmooth™ is definitely that material! It is stronger than PLA and PETG, prints exactly like PLA and it can be easily post-processed either by sanding or with Isopropyl alcohol. We do also stock some nice PETG filaments as well 😉

Decided to try printing a #3dbenchy on my @RailCoreLabs 300zl using @Polymaker_3D polysmooth filament with my @SliceEngineer mosquito. 30 minutes in the polysher and it has a mirror finish. Lose the letters on the back and small marks on the bottom from the stand. But Worth it

Polymaker'ın yeni malzemesi PolyMide CoPA çok yakında stoklarımızda! Şimdiden adresine ön siparişinizi verebilirsiniz!

This @Polymaker_3D ABS is printing beautifully on the @ROBO3D #r1plus with @BondtechAB BMG and #dustnprint holding it down

#3Dprinting #Electronics #3dprint #make #prototype #Lab #3dprinter #model

3d printed this a few months back and the only thing that did not hold up heavy use outside was the blade #3dprinting #3Dprinted #knife @Polymaker_3D poly plus...

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