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PolyWood™ is a wood mimic filament without actual wood powder, which removes all risks of nozzle clogs. PolyWood™ is made entirely with PLA using a special foaming technology. It exhibits the same density and appearance as wood.
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"First, we apply Bondo spot putty to the piece in any areas that need filling. Once it is dry, we sand the piece down. Then, lastly, we apply filler primer to the whole piece. This process is repeated until the piece is smoothed to our satisfaction."

PolyCast™ is a filament designed to produce investment patterns for investment casting applications. 3D printing significantly cuts down both the cost and lead time by eliminating the tooling process.
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"We then cover the whole piece with a product from Smooth-On called XTC3D. This is a two-part epoxy that fills a large amount of the layer lines while also adding a degree of strength. Once the epoxy has cured, we begin the extensive process of sanding."

PolySmooth™ is a unique, easy-to-print filament designed for hands-free post processing. The surface can be smoothed with alcohol to achieve layer free models using the Polysher™.
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Learn how to hide seams from your print with the expertise from @AlphatoZetaInd here:

PolySupport™ is a break away support for Polymaker PLA based filaments. It has a perfect interface with PLA, strong enough to support it and easily removable by hand.
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"The first step was hiding the seams, by filling each seam with a mixture of baby powder and super glue (CA). Once the seam is filled, an accelerant is added to solidify the bond. We then sand down these seams to make the area flush"
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PolyDissolve™ S1 is a water dissolvable support for PLA, TPU, PVB and Nylon based filaments from our portfolio. It is specifically engineered to have a perfect interface with these materials while also displaying good solubility.
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"To describe the process, I will talk you through how we finished the chest armor. This is a picture of the raw 3D print fresh off the printer and assembled."
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