Quick Recap | ERRF2023, A Mix of DeathRacer, Hueforge And Awesomeness

Polymaker just attended the 2023 edition of the East Coast RepRap Festival which was held in the same school last year in Bel Air, Maryland on 09/31-10/01.

This time the brand booth and the live stream were managed by Polymaker’s discord community members. They volunteered to design, build and manage the booth. In total, 7 community members help designing and building the booth, 5 of them came to ERRF2023, 3 of them managed the booth while 2 helped building partnerships with the makers displaying on site. Thank them for their hard work and dedication!

As RMRRF2023, the most popular display project was our Polymaker Scientist!

Gathering over 350 scientists, this display shows off our wide portfolio offering from a material and color perspective. Moreover, this time we had the amazing ability to scan every scientist on a scanning platform and discover more about every single product on a carefully designed infographic on a 55in HQ display! This project was brought to life thanks to Buildersmark.

Makers of all ages have enjoyed marble track game! Select from a wide variety of design and build your amazing marble track on the magnetic board. Visitors were also impressed by our fully 3D printed table specifically designed for tabletop games and the incredible miniature models from The Free Heathen printed with PolyMax™ PLA!

The booth also displayed fascinating printed model, for example, Hue forge packs. It attracted a lot of eyes and impressed everyone on how 3D printing technology could be used for these amazing pieces of art! Polymaker community displayed amazing prints at our table including: the S-Box, fully functional Ukulele, beautiful dragons, Mechakong, the Titanic, and more!

1 year and a half after its creation, the DEATH RACER is still making plastic parts flying! As the seed sponsor and supporter of this project, Polymaker offer its logo be part of the flying pieces crash after crash. This year we witnessed mecanum wheels and spinning blade design to add to the carnage!

A highlight from our partner 3D Gloop is this tug of war against J.E.Ph.F (Just Enough Physical Force). Team of makers were linked to Jephf via to PLA parts gloop together and the goal was to generate the highest amount of pulling force. Team Polymaker-Creality generated over 500lbs ending second on the leaderboard!

ERRF2023 was another success for Polymaker. We see these hyper focus exhibition growing in popularity and are excited to attend more RepRap festival in the future.

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