Rapid + TCT 2019 - Detroit, MI

Polymaker will be exhibiting at the Rapid + TCT 2019 show from May 21st-23rd, at Cobo Center, Detroit, MI. The Polymaker team is looking forward to meeting you there.

Welcome to visit our booth: 1821


What to expect?

New products:

A new weather-resistant Polymaker product will first be shown at [Rapid + TCT 2019]: PolyLite™ ASA is similar to ABS but with improved weather resistance. Its UV resistance and excellent mechanical properties make it the perfect choice for real-life applications or parts that will spend time outdoors. Meet with the Polymaker team to learn more about weather resistance and potential applications for ASA.


3D Printing Material Solutions for Industrial Applications:

Polymaker developed a custom grade of ASA with glass fiber reinforcement to produce the world’s first 3D printed plastic bridge project owned by Shanghai Construction Group. The material was fine-tuned to the printing process producing repeatable characteristics to meet the unique demands of this project. As 3D printing develops, Polymaker has witnessed a greater integration between material, machine and process and Polymaker are happy to develop custom material solutions for large scale printing projects like this bridge.

Polymaker will exhibit a small section of the bridge at the [Rapid + TCT 2019].

3D Printed Patterns for Metal Casting:

3D printing patterns for investment casting is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for artisans, engineers, and industrial professionals for short production runs and quicker design iteration.  With Ash-Free™ technology, PolyCast™ allows for a very clean burn out during the casting process, it is a perfect choice for small quantity casting by reducing expensive tooling and long lead times. You can learn more about what PolyCast™ can do at [Rapid + TCT 2019].


Polymaker portfolio

As usual, Polymaker is going to show the full range of its ever-growing product portfolio. Polymaker has all kinds of high quality and performance products for you to choose from.


Polymaker team look forward to seeing you there!


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