Polymaker Recommend Magigoo for PC

SHANGHAI March 6th – Polymaker, the global leader in 3D printing filaments today announced their partnership with Thought3D, producers of Magigoo 3D printing smart adhesives. Polymaker are now recommending Magigoo by adding their PC Smart Adhesive to polycarbonate product information sheets. PC Smart Adhesive aids bed adhesion and streamlines production workflow when printing with Polycarbonate based materials.

Polycarbonates offer some of the best mechanical characteristics of any 3D printing polymer, particularly when it comes to impact resistance. They have traditionally been popular among the automotive industry, applied in high vibration environments but have also gained traction across many other industries, notably Aerospace, Medical, Robotics and functional prototyping.

Polycarbonates can operate in temperatures well over 100°C but they also require high printing temperatures and warm environments, for larger parts bed adhesion is critical to the success rate of a polycarbonate 3D print. Thought3D have developed a special formula dedicated for polycarbonate bed adhesion. Using their smart adhesion technology, the PC formula adheres to printed parts locking them to the heated bed while also easily releasing at cold temperatures.

“There are other techniques for ensuring a good adhesion for PC parts, however, none of them work as seamlessly as Magigoo. The way in which printed parts release once the bed has cooled down is, for me, the best aspect of this product. For large PC prints, Magigoo will save the heart ache of wrenching away at your 3D printer to retrieve your PC part. Users printing PC regularly will understand the value immediately.” - Luke Taylor, Marketing Manager, Polymaker

In continuation with the Printer Manufacturer Partnership Program (PMPP) announced last year, Polymaker is continuing to deliver on its mission of bringing 3D printing to main-stream manufacturing. Functional and small-scale manufacturing relies on repeatable solutions that are achieved through interplay between machines and materials. Magigoo smart adhesives deliver a hassle-free interface between the printed object and machine raising the production efficiency for professional additive manufacturing.

With more industries adopting 3D printing, the specialisation of material, machine and process has become more focused. Thought3D has formulated new solutions to common sticking and warping problems for large format 3D printers dedicated to industrial plastics like Polypropylene, Polycarbonate and Nylons.

The new specialty mixes bring the convenience to industrial users. Adhesives are easily applied, require no change to the levelling of the 3D printing bed. They stick when hot and provide easy release when cooled down. The big difference a user will notice is the ease of cleaning the layer of Magigoo. In essence, new industrial mixes will provide same or better adhesion than alternatives and provide convenience and reliable use.

“We are really excited to work with Polymaker and their highly professional team. We have spent significant time cross referencing each other’s materials to provide highest value to end users. We love Polymaker filaments and are sure that this collaboration will benefit end-users and strengthen positions of both companies making the offering complete. We hope to provide a solution to any presently used and future filament. It is a win-win-win combination for all.” says Andrei-Andy Linnas, co-founder of Thought3D.


About Polymaker –  Polymaker is a company dedicated to developing new and functional materials for the 3D printing industry. Since 2013 Polymaker has developed unique in-house technologies that optimize their materials for 3D printing. In 2017 Polymaker won two major awards: “Material Company of The Year” from 3D Printing Industry and “Technology Innovation Award – Materials” from TCT. This marked the company’s growing reputation which is now widely recognized at a global scale. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Polymaker also has global offices in the USA, Netherlands and Japan. With their state-of-the-art research and development center, Polymaker place focus on pioneering development of engineering grade materials for applications across many industries.


About Thought3D - Thought3D is a R&D startup based in Malta. In 2014 the company experienced the first layer adhesion problem first hand and came up with a novel smart adhesive, that sticks when hot and releases when cold. Today, Thought3D produces and sells Magigoo and Magigoo PRO adhesives worldwide through a network of resellers and industry partners. Thought3D aims to provide superior user experience in 3D printing by solving the adhesion problem of FDM/FFF filaments.

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