Lulzbot get serious about Metal Casting

Lulzbot has just released their PolyCast™ bundles alongside a comprehensive guide for turning your 3D printed parts into metal parts. This tutorial shows the workflow from CAD to metal part using PolyCast™ 3D printing filament with Ash-Free™ technology. The unique properties of PolyCast™ allow for a very clean burn out when curing ceramic molds during the investment casting process. This leaves a very clean surface on the inside of the ceramic mold which is perfect for metal casting. Ash-Free™ technology typically leaves an ash residue of 0.003%.  The Lulzbot Taz 6 has a very large build volume capable of producing very large patterns for investment metal casting. Paired with their wide range of interchangeable tool heads, PolyCast™ patterns can be printed extremely fast with their MOARstruder (1.2mm nozzle) or users can achieve incredible detail suitable for jewelry with their new Aerostruder V2 Micro (0.25mm nozzle) and everything in between.

Cast Bronze Ring printed with Aerostruder Micro

"3D printing patterns for investment casting is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for artisans, engineers, and industrial professionals alike. With LulzBot 3D Printers and PolyCast™, users are able to test designs, iterate faster, and quickly produce short runs while reducing expensive tooling and long lead times. At a fraction of the cost of most additive manufacturing investment casting solutions, LulzBot 3D Printers enable companies of all sizes to speed innovation while reducing costs." - Lulzbot

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