Polymaker Obtains ISCC Certification, Showcasing Its Position in Sustainability

Polymaker, as a high-tech company specializing in 3D printing materials, recently announced that it has obtained the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). This certification signifies an important milestone for Polymaker in the field of environmental sustainability and further solidifies its leading position in the industry.

Initiated in 2006 through a multi-stakeholder dialogue and with assistance from the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is a globally recognized and EU leading sustainability certification system.

The ISCC certification system covers all sustainable feedstocks, including biomass from agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, biogenic waste and residues, non-biological renewable materials and recycled carbon-based materials and products derived therefrom. It aims to protect forests, high-carbon stock areas, and biodiversity by certifying and managing sustainable, traceable, deforestation-free, and climate-friendly supply chains, contributing to the achievement of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

To obtain the ISCC certification, Polymaker has redefined its supplier audit standards, planned and improved its own management capabilities and material production technologies. This ensures that Polymaker’s supply chain management and production processes complies with ISCC's strict standards and achieves 100% traceability.

Polymaker has a strong reputation in the industry as a world-renowned innovator and manufacturer of extrusion-based 3D printing materials. The first phase of implementing the ISCC system included two environmentally friendly materials: bio-based PC (polycarbonate) and bio-based PLA (polylactic acid). These two types of materials are important components of the Polymaker product family and have numerous applications in consumer, professional, and industrial markets.

"Gaining ISCC certification is of great significance to Polymaker," said Mr. Hang Qu, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Polymaker. "This represents that Polymaker is not only meeting the functional needs of customers but also taking a solid step towards improving corporate ESG responsibilities. This commitment signifies Polymaker's strong willingness to promote sustainable development solutions and effectively deliver this value to downstream customers."

In the future, Polymaker will continue to focus on developing more innovative and environmentally friendly 3D printing materials and technologies. The company will actively seek additional certifications and collaboration opportunities to drive the progress of sustainable development.

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