Where drying meets storage,

a new standard in filament care
modular designsuperior sealingefficient drying

Impenetrable, even when forgotten on the shelf

modular design

Add more boxes to protect all your spools

superior sealing

Ready to print without ever opening the box

efficient dryer

360° drying system to revive your spools

modular design

Dry and store in one solution

With one drying dock you can add as many PolyDryer™ Boxes as you need so your next project is always ready to go.

superior sealing

You’ll never have to break the seal again

Don’t worry about moisture ruining your prints, the PolyDryer™ Box has the best sealing performance on the market.

efficient drying

Brings your forgotten spools back to life

360° airflow secures even drying of your spool without damaging it. Compatible with all popular 3D printing materials with 3 preset power levels.

Perfect your prints...

with worry-free drying no matter your skill set

*Printed with PolyMide™ PA612-CF

Advance your printing spacewith modular solution

Put your filament drying on autopilot

With PolyDryer™ safeguard, your filament with an airtight seal. When inspiration strikes, your spools are primed and poised for your next creation.

Why are there only power levels but not temperature?

Since the internal temperature distribution of PolyDryer™ during drying is relatively complex and directly related to a variety of objective conditions or factors, we believe that temperature cannot be used as a complete indicator of drying capacity.

Polymaker has taken the above subjective and objective conditions and factors into consideration and chosen to express the drying capabilities of PolyDryer™ in terms of power levels, it means higher power levels represent better drying capabilities.

The different power levels are directly related to the temperature at the Dry Dock outlet only.

1) With power level 1, the temperature at the Dry Dock air outlet is ~50°C.

2) With power level 2, it is ~60°C.

3) With power level 3, it is ~70°C.

How do I know what setting should I use?

The sticker on the dry dock lists all suitable power levels for most common materials. In general, using higher power level and longer drying time can achieve better drying result. If you are using  materials from other brands, please check the softening temperature of the filament first before using a higher power level.

What spools can fit inside the PolyDryer™?

The maximum capacity of PolyDryer™ box is 205 Φ * 78(H) mm. This means all 1kg spools or less from Polymaker can fit in the PolyDryer™ and most 1kg spools or less from the other brands can fit in the PolyDryer™. For smaller spools use the internal spool roller for a better experience.

How long can materials stay dry in the PolyDryer™ Box?

The PolyDryer™ Box was designed with excellent sealing and silica gel desiccant to extend your filament storage time. In our internal experiment( an environment of 20℃ and 60% RH), the humidity inside the PolyDryer™ Box changed less than 5% in 30 days. In a comparison test the sealing capability of the PolyDryer™ Box is ~1.5 times that of a DIY storage box.

Can I print and dry at the same time with PolyDryer™?

Yes, the PolyDryer™ has a continuous drying mode. Materials can be either pre-dried on the PolyDryer™ before printing or the PolyDryer™ can be set to continuous drying mode for drying while printing.

Why does the silica gel change color to dark green during drying?

As the hot air removes moisture from your material, the silica gel desiccant helps out by soaking up some of that moisture, making the drying process even more efficient. After a while, you might notice some of the dark green desiccant turning back to orange, especially when drying on power level 3. This change is a good sign as it means there's less moisture inside the PolyDryer™ Box, and the hot air is doing a great job of drying both your material and the silica gel desiccant at the same time. It's PolyDryer™ Box, letting you know that everything's working just as it should!

What is continuous drying mode for?

For best results seal the PolyDryer™ box with the airlocks as soon as the drying cycle has finished. If you aren't able to do this, continuous mode continues to dry the filament until you're able to reseal after a drying cycle. And continous drying mode will not stop until you turn it off.

What's in the package?

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