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Polymaker is an international team passionate about 3D printing. We produce the very best 3D printing materials by controlling every stage of production. With a diverse portfolio of materials ranging from high performance plastics to unique aesthetic solutions, Polymaker will continue to add cutting edge materials to its ever-growing portfolio.

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PolySonic™ PLA Pro >

PolySonic™ PLA Pro is a tough PLA that can print at incredible speeds. With its advanced formulation, this filament ensures durable, rugged prints, with an impact strength similar to ABS and bending strength outperforming ASA & PETG. When time is of the essence for functional parts, PLA Pro is the ideal choice for you.

PolySonic™ PLA >

PolySonic™ PLA is a revolutionary high-speed 3D printing filament, the ultimate game-changer in additive manufacturing. With its lightning-fast extrusion rate, cutting-edge precision, and exceptional layer adhesion you can ramp up the speed of your 3D printer and witness new levels of productivity. Accelerate your workflow without compromising on strength or quality.

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