Rocky Mountain RepRap Festival (RMRRF) Recap 

Quick word on RMRRF 2023! 

(Loveland, Colorado, April 22-23, 2023) 

After the success of ERRF 2022, Polymaker has decided to continue joining the different RepRap Festivals. RMRRF is a new RepRap Festival on the west coast to attract more people interested in 3D Printing. 

The Result: An Absolute Success! RMRRF was the most successful RRF to date with over 3,500 attendees.  

More about RMRRF: 

This article summarizes a few activities and pictures of the event. 

This year, Polymaker Scientist Game won lots of attention! 

With the help of Polymaker’s community based on Discord, over 300 Polymaker Scientists (1 for each Polymaker product) are printed and displayed during the festival on a beautiful stands which are also designed and printed by brand’s community. This masterpiece was born as an idea during a livestream 10 days before the show and the community was really hard at work to design, print and ship everything on time for RMRRF! Which is the reason the main message of this activity is a huge thank you to the community. 

The actual morning of the show Polymaker came out with a game idea of finding the correct product in all these Scientists. In no time, using Excel, our team quickly designed a macro which would generate a random product from Polymaker’s portfolio and activate a 30sec timer after clicking the button. The game attracted a lot of attention from the audience and rightfully in the spotlight. 

Another amazing activity at the event was the Death Racers battle! Last year, this activity turned out pretty well. This year, the thrilling and exciting DEATH RACER is still an essential part, and everyone has brought their DIY go-karts to the outdoors. It is worth mentioning that many of the race cars are sponsored and printed by Polymaker, with multiple Polymaker logos overlapping on the car. The brand spared no effort and seized the opportunity to support many creators from the announcement of the festival, just to live up to everyone's expectations and love. 


As always, the exciting part is Polymaker’s new product announcement! This year we announced: 

PolyLite PLA Starlight Series 

PolyLite PLA Pro Cold White 

PolyLite PLA Pro Metallic Magenta 

PolyLite ABS Neon Series 

PolyTerra Dual PLA 

PolyTerra Gradient PLA 

PolyTerra PLA Lime 

(ABS/ASA Galaxy line are also showed off.) 

RMRRF was a great opportunity to reconnect with partners and consumers. This year, many 3D printing filament brands and over 3,500 attendees participated in this festival. Polymaker materials had a presence in almost all of the exhibiting booths! In the future, Polymaker will keep being open-minded and innovative. We welcome voices and insights from the community and are committed to delivering our material solution to Simplify Creation

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