A material is considered "High Speed" if it fulfills the following 3 criteria at a set printing temperature:

1) Flowability: It can extrude consistently at 24mm3/s on popular extrusion system. (equivalent to 300mm/s at 0.2mm layer height with a 0.4mm nozzle)

2) Formability: At 24mm3/s, it maintains similar surface quality, overhang and bridging as printed at lower speed.

3) Functionality: At 24mm3/s, it maintains at least 80% of its overall mechanical properties when printing at lower speed. (mainly: layer adhesion, tensile strength and impact strength)

PolySonic™ PLA at 230˚C
1) Maximum flow*: 30mm3/s** (tested on a customized extrusion platform equipped with an E3D volcano hotend, 0.4mm nozzle with Hemera XS extruder)

2) Confirmed similar quality Polymaker Scientist when printed at 4mm3/s and 24mm3/s

3) Layer Adhesion at 4mm3/s-24mm3/s: 37.3-32.3 MPa (Maintain 87%)
Tensile Strength at 4mm3/s-24mm3/s: 46.0-43.9 (Maintain 95%)
Impact strength at 4mm3/s-24mm3/s: 6.1-5 kJ/m2 (Maintain 82%)

* Maximum Flow: Flow at which the measured flow is decreasing below 95% of the requested flow.
For 0.2mm layer height with 0.4mm nozzle: 29mm3/s -> 363mm/s
For 0.1mm layer height with 0.4mm nozzle: 29mm3/s -> 725mm/s

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